Meet your Committee: Gren Hamlyn, Training Officer

Unlike many other members of the current Committee, Gren is a newbie. He has however always been an active member of the club since joining six years ago and in 2005 set up the website. Gren has been diving since 1996 and became an instructor in 2008. His best dive of 2008 was “The Tabarka” at Scapa Flow.

###In at the deep-end

As Training Officer Gren sees the bulk of the Training Officer role as managing the standard training syllabus for BSAC Ocean and Sports Divers.

And to this end, Gren has really been thrown-in at the deep-end (as it were). The club currently has ten Ocean Diver trainees, five Sports Diver trainees and a few PADI/SAA crossovers to manage. However, he tells me that he has been encouraged and supported by the club’s instructors – to which we all owe our thanks.

Gren will be shortly posting a couple of training days to the notice-board to complement the Vobster training weekend – So keep your eyes peeled on Thursdays.

###Develop your skills

Gren is keen to encourage all members to consider diversifying thier training with regional Skill Development Courses (SDCs). Our club members are lucky, as many of the 2009 courses will be run at the clubhouse.

###Supporting the club RIB purchase

A keen RIB diver, Gren is activley supporting the clubs acquisition of an additional RIB by encouraging members to train for Boat Handling and Diver Cox qualifications. In fact, he recently helped organise a dedicated K&E SDC for fourteen members to do thier boat handling course. 

###Talk to him

Gren is always happy to discuss your training and diving progression – catch him at the clubhouse on any Thursday.