First outing for Sea King

On the weekend of 25th and 26th May the new RIB made its first outing with the branch. With some last minute preparations during the week the boat was finally ready to go fully kitted out.


So how was it? Here are some of the quotes: 

“Is that engine still running – I can’t hear it, god it’s quiet isn’t it.”

“Wow it’s a bit lively isn’t it.!

“So much space what shall we do with it all.”

“Another 4 diver would fit on here comfortably wouldn’t they.”

“We have only used 9 litres of fuel, Britvic would have used 30.”

“It’s more like driving a car than a boat.”

“It’s like upgrading from an old banger to a Ferrari.”

“28 knots, I wanted to see 30.”

“Wow these instruments are so easy to use, brilliant.”


With only 4 divers plus cox on board on the Saturday this was a nice trial although we all felt a little lost with so much space. The sea was rough blowing a force 4/5 southerly and with Britvic I think we would have turned back but the new boat with Mark Cluett at the wheel ploughed through the waves with much comfort and ease. We decided to keep going and to make a decision at the dive site, when we got there the seas calmed slightly and so in we went.


Now the diving wasn’t much to write home about over the whole weekend as the visibility was limited but what could be seen was good. Compared to South Devon 2 weeks before, the fish life was significantly more abundant, good signs for the season ahead. The usual suspects of crabs, lobsters, congers and alike all spotted together with a few flat fish dotted around the wrecks.


On Sunday the boat took 6 divers and a cox plus spare cylinders for second dives and the boat easily coped with the kit with plenty of room to spare. We travelled 21 nautical miles on Sunday so Sea King had a good run out. The coastguard also had no problem understanding the boat name which made a refreshing change from being called “Dipstick” when we were last making contact from “Britvic”.


Other than an A flag last seen rolling down the motorway, the weekend was remarkably uneventful. Sea King proved to be a very sea worthy and suitable dive platform, lets hope you all want to come and enjoy her this season.