Newhaven with Britvic, April 2009

 If you don’t count Portland, this was the first proper RIB trip of the season and bracing themselves for the cold water was Chris H (in charge), Dave T, Ian and Gail (braving it in wetsuits), Mariuz, Howard and me

The plan was to meet at half eight, with the idea of (optimistically) launching at nine. Arriving early I was delighted to discover the new Captains Table café and found time to scoff down a Full English before everyone else arrived. 

Ian, Gail and Mariuz were just along for the ride for the first dive but got their kit ready in preparation for the second dive. Eventually we got the boat launched and headed off, but were then delayed by the ferry wanting to make its way out of the harbour before us (we were hardly going to argue). Making the most of the delay, we checked our kit and I discovered I only had a 110bar, so headed back to shore for a change of cylinders. 

Eventually we got out of the harbour and went in search of our mystery wreck. So mysterious we couldn’t actually find it and headed off to another wreck – which we also couldn’t find. We did however manage a drift dive at 18m. I dived first with Dave then Howard and Chris went in. Dave and I (well Dave actually) spotted a couple of plaice, a lot of starfish and some hermit crabs, but the viz wasn’t up to much and after 20 minutes it was getting a bit cold and we called it a day. 

Heading back for lunch the sun came out and after a short break, we headed over to Seaford Ledges for the next dive.

It was going to be Gail’s first dive in the sea so it was quite shallow at about 5m. Some of us didn’t even make it that far though. I’m not sure whether it was the appearance of the sun, the excitement of a 5m dive or too much for lunch, but lunches were starting to reappear and following various difficulties getting in the water, followed by some problems getting down, Ian, Howard and I binned our dive. Still, that’s what the first dive of the season is for. By all accounts the others were more successful.

By the time, we got back in from the second dive, it was getting late but with Dave at the helm, we literally flew back to shore, got the boat in and were soon on our way home with plans of being a bit slicker next time.