Blast from the past: June 1976

I have slowly been prising old copies of the Club’s newsletter (‘Triton’ then ‘OK’) out of Uncle Al’s hands and now have a year’s worth of news, reviews and comment from years gone by which I plan to revisit each month to see what the hot topics of the day were. This month sees us re-visiting June 1976.

In June 1976, Gerry Hassell (then Chairman) reported incredibly exciting news for the club:

‘As I mentioned in a previous article our main aim is to own our own Club House. This is no longer a dream, but is fast becoming a reality – We have brought from Kingston Council, for a nominal sum, a pre-cast concrete building that was due to be demolished… The conditions are that we remove the building from its current site and leave the site in a tidy order. We have also gained planning permission to re-erect it on spare ground leased to Chessington Rugby Club’.

The Committee asked for help to take the building down and then to re-erect it. They also needed fund-raising ideas. ‘In other words a complete combined effort of every member of Kingston Club’. Does anyone know if this referred to the current clubhouse in Tolworth? Let me know if you were there and got involved in this project.

In other news there’s an article by John Webber about surfacing from a dive with Andy Fraser to find that they’d drifted away from the boat. Two hours later, finding it was easier to lie face down in the water breathing through his snorkel rather than being buffeted by the waves he had the indignity of being manhandled out of the water by the RNLI who thought he had drowned!

There’s also a first-hand report by Gerry Hassell of the dive for radioactive discs on the James Egan Lane (previously reported here).

Less substantial matters included putting out feelers to see whether there would be support for a “Mrs Diver” page in the Newsletter for all those ‘non-diving wives’ (how times change!),

Next month: July 1974 – Essential nautical terms for novice divers!