Life as a Diver cox, its not all flasks of Tea….

It is only going to be a matter of time before I can not fit into my dry suit. As I am expecting the arrival of Baby Tresidder in October, my diving activities have been some what curtailed for this year.


Being a qualified diver cox, I still have managed to get involved in the diving season this year, which is great fun. With the club arranging a number of rib dives, most weekends have been spent trying to squeeze my ever expanding waist line into my size 10 dry suit, this is not an easy task, let me tell you.


As we had diving planned for the last May bank holiday and the weather was just glorious, it was an ideal time to spend lazing on the RIB in the sunshine waiting for DSMBs to pop up.


Saturday saw a very early start for Dave and I to collect the RIB from the club house and drive to Newhaven, on arrival we were met by Sarah ‘the diving door mouse’ Hamlyn, Gren ‘I want to drive the RIB’ Hamlyn and Kevin Morgan. Kit loaded, trailer board packed away, RIB launched, flask of tea and biscuits on board. After the usual amount of kit faffing, we were underway to dive the Mira. Gren took Sea King out to the site, with an easterly F2-3, things were a little bumpy on the way out, but with the wind in Gren’s hair and spray in everyone else’s, he seemed to be enjoying himself so we let him carry on.


Arriving on to the dive site, the shot was successfully deployed and all divers were getting ready to kit up. After some blowing issues with Sarah’s pony, which involved a rummaging through the tool kit to fix, everyone was ready to go. Divers deployed, A flag up, now I got to crack open the flask of tea, open the biscuits and put my feet up for at least 40 minutes. Imagine my horror to turn round and look at the buoy and see Gren and Sarah wanting to be picked up! Flask away, biscuits back in the bag and I headed over to see what the problem was. Sarah’s main tank was playing up and bubbling away at 3 meters. I have perfected the ‘getting divers back on board’ technique, which in essence involves holding the divers kit until they are back on board to haul their own kit back in the boat, ideal for anyone that has back problems or happens to be having a baby!


With the Hamlyn’s back on RIB, tool kit back out and a bit more faffing, it was decided that they would try again for a dive on the newly discovered site Mira. Re-kitted and back in the water, the flask was re opened, biscuits back out and feet back up…. Only then to be met with the Dave and Kevin’s DSMB deployed and both of them on the surface waiting to be picked up…. Would I ever get a cup of tea and a biscuit?!?!


Kevin and Dave back on board, we waited for Gren and Sarah to surface, then back to the marina for a well earned lunch stop, cup of tea (at last!!) and rest. Especially for the diving door mouse!


Don’t know about you, but this diving lark is tiring work!