A Lumpy Newhaven

Meeting at 11.00 in Newhaven was a relaxing start to what I hoped would be a relaxing day’s diving. Admittedly the weather forecast was not particularly promising, but with a few changes to the dive plan, we divided ourselves up on to Sea King and Britvic. On Britvic, we had Sarah and Gren Hamlyn, Dave Tresidder, Chris Chappell and John Fowles. On Sea King, myself, Kirstie and Dean Mitchell and Kevin Morgan. To say it was a bumpy ride out would be an understatement, although Sea King seemed to cope a bit better with Britivic seemingly flying to the wreck and arriving with everyone looking as though they had already been diving. This was soon the least of (at least) mine and Chris’ worries as the lumpy water took its toll. 

The wreck was the Clodmoor. A steamer, built in 1902, she spent most of her days carrying wheat until 3 May 1917 while on route to Newcastle was torpedoed 5 miles south of Newhaven. Although powered by a triple expansion engine, this was nowhere to be seen during the dive. 

After an uneventful descent down the shot and a little bit of searching, Kevin and I found the wreck and a fair few fish. I’m sure that if we had been able to see anything it would have been great but alas, the viz wasn’t up to much and after 35 minutes our (pre agreed) time was up. Back on to the vomit comet we headed back to shore for a bit of lunch.     

Having regrouped, Sarah (our manager for the day) and Dave T mooted the possibility of missing the second dive because of poor weather. The dive being suggested was Seaford ledges – so a 6 metre dive, with no viz in lumpy conditions. Most of us didn’t need to be asked twice and made our way off for a well needed cuppa, while a crazy few (Dave, Kirstie, Dean and Gren) headed back out. 

Some of us had managed to find somewhere to stay over and after filling our belies headed off for an early night as everyone was to meet at 7.30 the next day. Despite the forecast not being very good, most people managed a couple of dives on the Sunday; this time the Lancer II and that old faithful, Seaford Ledges

Despite the weather it was a great weekend with some good diving. Shame some idiots decided to let down one of the trailer’s tyres (all of them including the spare!). Not to be put off by something as trivial that we were soon on the road and back to the club putting Sea King and Britvic away until another weekend.