Wraysbury Rescue Skills success

We had a productive day at Wraysbury on the 19th. Mariusz Isydorek, Leanne Collinson and David Allen were to attempt SP1 – Diver Rescue. This is a tough drill and it isn’t easy to pass, nor should it be as if you are ever in the unfortunate position of needing rescue, you want to know the person saving you is up to the task.

Just to remind those who have forgotten all about it, it involves raising an unresponsive diver to the surface, towing the casualty to safety , dekitting both the rescuer and casualty whilst correctly administering basic life support during each of these processes and finally landing the casualty and placing them in a recovery position. All this must be completed as one single continuous process.

I’m pleased to report all three passed , even if there was a little breathlessness (and I suspect some relief) at the end of it. Well Done.

SP1 is a time consuming drill and it took most of the day but we had a bit of time left so all three had a stab at navigation in challenging conditions – Wraysbury had been very busy so viz was pretty poor near the training platforms. Let’s just say valuable lessons were learned and all three are looking forward to having another go at it ;0)

Dave also completed his SP1- Dive Manager, so expect to be bossed about by him now!

A final debrief in the aptly named local pub, the Perseverance, finished off a successful day.