Guidelines for Articles

We welcome articles from members and here are a few points to consider when contributing:

1. The website is a key marketing tool and the information is in the public domain, so articles should be informative,  show the club in a positive light and (hopefully) demonstrate that we do have fun when we go diving!

2. Trip reports can all read the same, so focus on any memorable experiences and what interested you on the dive or holiday and why. Remember you may be influencing someone’s decision to dive that wreck, go on a trip or on that holiday the next time.

3. Despite all our training and preparation, sometimes things happen which we hadn’t planned for. Write about what you learnt from such events, rather than just describing what went wrong.

4.  Incidents also sometimes occur – don’t get drawn into comments or speculation on such happenings, especially when you don’t have the full facts or are not qualified to offer an opinion. Remember there is an established reporting procedure for incidents and they maybe the subject of an insurance claim – so incomplete or inaccurate  reports on events, or speculation on what might have happened, are not helpful in these circumstances and may even possibly prejudice a claim.

5. Sometimes we may edit your article, for example if it is too long or if it falls outside these guidelines. If you want to know why this has been done, just ask!