Compressor Update

You may be aware that there has been ongoing work to the bank cylinders and other compressor elements recently. This is required as part of a routine inspection and testing regime of the equipment (similar to your diving cylinders).  Our insurers require their own independent inspection of our facilities. The current validity of their inspection expires on 16th December. Until the testing and refurbishment had been completed (last Thursday) we have not been in a position to ask the insurance inspector to return. We have now asked for an inspection but he will not visit us until the middle of January. I’m therefore afraid to announce that this Thursday will be the last chance to get fills from the club compressors / bank until we have a clean bill of health from our insurance company. This will hopefully be mid January but if there are issues with the inspection, this may take longer. I’m sorry for this delay but please do not shoot the messenger, the time scales have been beyond my control.

Please make sure you get all the fills you need this Thursday.

David Tresidder (Compressor Officer)