Diver Cox’s for 2010?

Last year, to support our club’s commitment to RIB diving we managed to qualify four people (myself included) as diver Cox’s and I would like us do the same in 2010.

I know lots of members have undergone a boat handling course, and have therefore expressed an intest in RIB diving and coxing, would you like some support in attaining your Diver Cox grade?

If you would, please contact me (email AT grenvillehamlyn.com):

I can arrange for members to help out with pre-season RIB practice days and mock-exams, but before you put your name forward please consider that to have a good chance in passing the course you will need to commit to several weekends prior to the start of the diving season for practice, with a view to taking an examination in early April. Also, preference will be given to those that express a commitment to using their new qualification by supporting the RIB diving during the year.