2010 Dive Trips

To all Kingston & Elmbridge members.

Over recent years it has become apparent that there have been a number of dive trips organised over the same weekends which has resulted in it being difficult to fill all of the trips. To try and counter this I have put a year planner up on the board. If you are running a trip this year (even if it is now full) please put it on the planner so other dive organisers can see where the busy weekends are, and book boats accordingly.

This year I am planning to introduce the 2011 year planner in October / November so dive organisers have a far clearer picture about what trips are planned next year.

It has also been drawn to my attention that previously the diving officer has not always been notified about some trips that have been booked. If you have not notified me as diving officer and you dive outside of the BSAC recommendations then you are not covered under BSAC third party insurance. So please notify me if you are planning any trips and ensure that all diving follows BSAC recommendations.

Ian Emery
Kingston & Elmbridge Diving Officer