Clubhouse improvements

Following the hard work of a number of club members to clear up the outside of the clubhouse this has been continued with some more work on the outside and also the inside of the building.

Thanks to Gerry Hassell and some of the guys from his company and lot more improvements have been carried out.  Damaged and missing ceiling tiles replaced, a new handrail fitted to the rear entranceof the club, the roof over the main entrance repaired, the entrance area tidied up and some more painting work carried out as well as attending to the leaks on the roof.

The next planned workday is the 15th May when it is planned to concrete the area under our gates and to prepare the proposed patio area.  All we need is you and a shovel and some wheelbarrows, all specialist equipment has already been arranged.  Even if you do not feel you can shovel or push a wheelbarrow your help to mop fevered brows and supply cups of tea and coffee will be much appreciated.

Please try and give your club just a few hours of your time.

Thanks very much

Brian Deluce