Cylinder Test Dates

Please check the test dates on your cylinders. You should have both at IDEST sticker indicating the date the next test is required and a physical stamp showing the date of the last test. Testing is currently required every 2.5 years. If anyone is in any doubt about the potential consequences of filling a damaged, faulty or rusty cylinder (which the tests are designed to help identify and avoid), please take a look at the links below. Please do not put the life of the member that kindly volunteers to fill your cylinders at risk. Even if your cylinder is “in test”, the person filling has every right to refuse to fill your cylinder if they have any concerns with it at all. Whilst we are sure that no one would deliberately endanger the lives of other club members by trying to get  a cylinder filled which is in any way knowingly defective, please be advised that the strongest possible action will be taken should this situation occur.

Thanks in advance for your help.