Newhaven Update

This last weekend saw some significant winds on Saturday and Sunday but the flexibility created by RIB diving and having the boat in Newhaven meant that we were able to make the most of the Bank Holiday Monday. With water temperatures about 14 degrees things are looking up.

 We headed out in almost flat calm seas to the City of Waterford, the 9 mile trip taking just 20 mins (close to a hour if you were on a hard boat). The Waterford sits in 34m of water upright and very much intact with brass portholes still in the bows and a huge variety of fish life constantly in view. 

 All too soon, slack was over and with all back on board and the coastguard notified, we were heading back and into some fleeting pools of sun shine. Dredging activities limited vis on the second dive (luckily they won’t be dredging for more than a few days) so we were soon back on the road home after a pint and some discussion over plans for some more adventurous outings very soon.

 So far this season the club has already dived the City of Brisbane, the Fortuna, the Pentrych and the City of Waterford, to name a few. Think you might be missing out? The list is on the board and there are spaces on almost every trip still, and trips almost every weekend.

 Hope to see you soon!