Ibiza 2010

After several setbacks: people dropping out, Jim Molyneux breaking his ankle, and it snowing in Ibiza the day before we arrived, we finally got the very early Easyjet flight from Gatwick. We were met by a very chirpy talkative character named Jeff Richardson from the Seahorse diving centre, who transferred us to a small resort (Las des Torrents) where our excellent self catering accommodation was located. We settled in very quickly and went to a large supermarket to stock up with food and refreshments for the week and then found the best local bar for the cup final! The holiday started well with Chelsea completing the double, England winning the 2020 cricket world cup, and the sun coming out very hot immediately we landed. After all that excitement and with an early diving start on the Sunday morning we were fairly early to bed that evening.

The next morning we met at the dive centre on the local beach and were transported to San Antonio by van to meet the dive boat (Lil Pegasus) to start kitting up, watched by the passing wearied eyed clubbers making their way home from the clubs the night before. The usual 1st day kit faffing ensued: forgotten masks, dry suit hoses left at home, and 1st stage adaptors not thought of, mainly done by the same nameless person. Jim came along for the boat ride and with only 3 club members diving – myself, Kevan and Nick Tulip – and a local PADI diver called Charlie we set off in bright sunshine for 2 good 1st day dives. Nick immediately became the butt of most jokes being the new boy, especially from the skipper Jeff, with things like “can he dress himself”, “boy and lad”, “sit down you’re blocking the sun out” and inquiries as to whether he had “pulled” the previous evening. But he took it well and gave as good as he got with his diving and air consumption improving all week.

The diving also got better as the week went on, with the Don Pedro and the Margueritas caves the highlights of the week, closely followed by a sheltered wreck called The Noseque, which was so good we dived it twice. Jim managed one day’s diving (on one leg) on the 4th day although he needed a tow by Nick on the second dive in a slight current and a full butler service (fins, weight belt and BC removal) before climbing the ladder back onto the boat for both dives.

The visibility and sea life was good all week and consisted of Barracuda, Cuttlefish, Morays and Congers, various types of Wrasse and millions of Jellyfish. The water was a balmy 18°c so no gloves or hoods were needed if you didn’t want them but we all wore dry suits. We dived most dives without a guide and still managed to find our way back to the dive boat. We didn’t manage the proposed 2 night dives because of the temptations of San Antonio nightlife and its various types of bars, especially Sgt Peppers (don’t ask about a broken hearted Jennifer). We were joined one evening by the Monmouth Rugby club on tour and their forfeit games and almost ended up having a late night bungee jump.

There were 2 non-diving members of our group (Mary Hards and Audrey Molyneux) – our catering managers – who must have covered most of the Island on the local buses during the week. Many thanks to them for doing the shopping. We all had a great time and will go back there again soon. We were very well looked after by Jeff and Therese from the Seahorse diving centre and I thoroughly recommend them for a good week’s diving. They are located on the beach with two excellent restaurants either side of them, in a very nice little sandy bay and have a very fast hard boat that gets you out to most dive sites within half a hour.

Good holiday!

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