Dive Leader Weekend

We are planning a weekend of diving the slightly deeper wrecks out of Newhaven on 24th and 25th July. We will most likely dive the Ashford http://www.divernet.com/Wrecks/wreck_tours/159413/wreck_tour_65_the_ashford.html which the club dived for the first time 2 weeks ago and had some fantastic vis (8 to 10m) dives on a relatively intact 120 year old vessel in 41m of water. We also hope to dive the Vasco (39m) that we found at the same time but have yet to dive. And finally as there are two slacks on the Saturday we may try and dive a small object that we found last year that some reports say is an E boat but it has been so rarely dived that no one is sure.

 If you are interested, contact Dave Tresidder.