Farne Islands rescue

During the August Bank Holiday dive, at the Farne Islands, Kingston & Elmbridge became involved in the rescue of an adult male diver from another organisation and his 12 year old son, who were diving with an instructor.  This quickly became a major rescue when the adult male stopped breathing and his instructor called for help.  The casualty was recovered onto the boat and given rescue breaths and cardiac compression.  The initial part pf the rescue was carried out by branch members then the resuscitation was co-ordinated and led by a doctor who was also on the boat, with a major involvement by branch members.  During this time the 12 year old was seen to be in difficulties and branch members went to his aid and recovered him to the rib he was diving from.

Following the resuscitation efforts the casualty started recovering and was able to breath and talk, and was put on oxygen.  The RNLI and a RAF helicopter arrived on scene and the boy and the casualty were flown to hospital where we understand he made a full recovery

This was a magnificent team effort by everyone on the boat, whether giving rescue breaths, cardiac compression, preparing the boat for the helicopter or giving support to the casualty and everyone involved.  Everyone on the boat should feel proud of the part they played and it goes to prove that the BSAC training is second to none and Kingston & Elmbridge is a branch to be proud of.  Congratulations to everyone on the part you played.