Help with membership numbers

Dear Fellow Members

We are hoping you can help. A healthy membership is key to the future financial stability of the branch. In simple terms, the more members we have the cheaper it is for all of us and the more fun we can have doing all the different activities we enjoy as a branch.

The most effective method of finding new members is by word of mouth. Hence this email to you.

  • Might you know of some friends or work colleagues that might be interested in a try dive?
  • Are you a member of another sports club, gym or similar where your fellow members might be interested in learning to dive?
  • Have you met another diver who might be interested in joining our branch?

If not, there are loads of other ways that you might be able to help boost membership numbers:

  • Do you work in the area and could you put up a poster or advertise through a work forum?
  • Could you help distribute leaflets outside your local train station or similar?
  • Do you know of any local fairs or similar that we could promote the branch at?
  • Could you make contact with other local groups and see if we can interested them in try dives or similar?
  • Could you supply your old copies of DIVE to your dentist or doctors with our contact details on the front?

All and any suggestions you might have will be very much welcomed and if you are able to help us increase our membership then you and your fellow club members will directly benefit of course. We are interested in any ideas you have but most of all, we need action and help in realising your ideas.

We have a larger number of leaflets printed for distribution, posters than can easily be printed and other incentives such as free DVD’s that can all be utilised.

Our fingers crossed, we look forward to hearing from you and to our numbers growing.

Kirstie Mitchell

Branch Marketing Committee