Scuba Santa’s 2010

Once again this year, the opportunity exists for the Club to support the RNLI, have some fun and make some more members of the Club, Guinness World Record holders*. Yes within Kingston and Elmbridge are a group of Guinness World Record holders, and this year you could join these ranks!

Right to Left: Brian Maskell, Chris Hunka, Jackie Maskell, Marcela Turanova, Len Hards, David Allen and Richard Rayner

So how do you become a Guinness World Record holder?*

It’s easy, get involved in SCUBA Santa’s this year. Once again this charity fund raising event will be held at Vobster Quay on the 19th of December 2010. A group of us will be heading down for the day with our regulation specified Santa or Mrs Claws outfits to participate in the qualifying dive.

This is a very sociable event and we are looking to stop on our way back to enjoy a lovely Sunday Roast.

If you are unable to make the 19th of December, you can still support the RNLI, through sponsorship.

Further information can be found here.

Or E Mail: [email protected]

*Subject to rules and conditions being meet by participants and subject to Guinness World Record officiating and verification