Hard Boat Dives 2011

4 new dive weekends have been posted on the club notice board for members to add their names to.

The First is at Weymouth on the 30th & 1st/2nd May and is suitable for Sports Divers and above and some training will be available subject to the number of instructors on the boat.

 The Second is at Plymouth and is a return of the club weekend at Mountabatten on the 28/29/30th May.  This is open to all, but the first dive of each day may not be suitable for Ocean Divers although every effort will be made to make sure it is a fully inclusive weekend and again training will be available when possible.

The other 2 weekends are the 11/12 June and 23/24th July at Weymouth.  These dives will be in the 40 to 50mt range and are open to all suitably qualified divers.

To book on any of these dives please add your name to the list at the club and pay me a deposit of  £25.00 per weekend.