It’s Easy When It’s Easy

RIB Trip from Newhaven 17/04/2011

I looked on the RIB schedule at the clubhouse. The Doctor (John), Mariusz and I, that’s all! One cox and no dive manager. Dean was probably still stuck in a Malaysian airport somewhere, Dave had ‘family business’ to attend to and Chris Hunka was just busy! Then Kevin mentioned that he was an advanced diver and we already knew he could cox. Suddenly we were back on.

We turned up on Sunday and the weather was warm and sunny. The seas were calm. Actually that is a bit of an understatement, there was not even a ripple! The plan; to dive the City of Brisbane followed by the Seaford Ledges. We picked sites close to the shore to make up for our collective lack of recent RIB/Dive Management/Diving experience. There were some rufty tufty divers in the marina car-park. They asked me what our plan was. When I told them, they just said, “Oh dear, what a shame!”

The boat was launched by the nice people at Simpson marina and soon we were jetting off at full speed to the CoB. Once there we put a shot on the wreck… Well the rope was a bit too short so we had to do that twice. But once done properly, we had a good line down to the wreck.

The dive itself was good. The plankton was beginning to show, however, we still managed a good few meters. Kevin and The Doctor dived first. Then it was Mariusz, Iain and my turn. We dropped in, I put a spare DSMB on the shot to help with recovery… Put a bit too much air in it and sent it to the surface. Perhaps I should have done some maths on that activity! Then we had a nice bimble around the wreck. Saw a couple of flatties, that sort of thing.

We came up after the obligatory safety stop and sped off to Seaford Ledges once back in the boat. Kevin and The Doctor went in first again. The rest of us decided to bin the second dive while they were under. I had the pleasure of picking them up in the RIB, something I have not had an opportunity to do before. I also took the boat back to Newhaven, making sure to let the coastguard and Newhaven Harbourmaster know that we were back safely on the VHF radio.

Then we recovered the boat back to the yard and gave it a hose down. All done… I jumped in the car and was back to Surbiton and the family by 3pm!

So it was a good day out, without the support of the usual RIB crowd. We all got to test out some of the skills we had learnt previously, but had not used in some time. Despite the easy conditions, it cemented the fact that RIB diving from Newhaven is not the preserve of the ‘few’ that go every week. I hope that more of our club Dive Leaders and Coxes will take a look at the board and fill in their names where they can assist with a trip. It truly is a team effort where no single person is left to carry the full burden of organising!