Another Wreck Located

Last Saturday saw a flat clam day with the sun making brief appearances. Ideal conditions to speed out towards the edge of the shipping channel and locate a wreck that we had not dived before. The Nyon looked like an ideal target given she stood up so high and was well suited to the Dive Leader diving that had been advertised.

The Nyon lies to the east of our normal diving area out of Newhaven and as such, slack was 30 minutes later than normal. This gave us plenty of time to locate and shot the wreck in the best spot. Descending the line the visibility looked great until we reached a depth of about 2m when it became clear the plankton bloom was upon us and so torches were turned on and minds were prepared for the dark 2m visibility dive that lay ahead. The noise of passing container vessels was also quite noticeable.

The wreck lies north to south, contrary to some published information and the deck was found on the western side. Those who dived the eastern side found the hull, and lots of it! The shot was in 43m of water but the line trailed nicely over the top of the wreck at 35m. The poor visibility concentrated the mind but still the cargo, engine and deck furniture could all be identified. Lorries and lots of glass cargo was seen. Significant quantities of brass pipe work and a couple of brass portholes were also found around the engine room area.

All in all, a dark but interesting dive that adds another notch to the clubs ever growing list of wreck positions that we now have. Thanks to Gren for coxing for the day.