My First RIB Dive – 26/05/12

A really good days diving was had by all diving from one of the clubs RIB in Newhaven. We set off about 9ish to dive the Lancer II, an Admiralty Trawler that sank in 1918, which is only a fifteen minute RIB ride from the marina. Lying at around 23m at low water, this is a very pretty wreck with an abundance of sea life on and around it. It is still fairly intact at the bows with lots of atmospheric windows and small hatchways to peer through and swim in and around. On this occassion it was literally teeming with shoals of large fish which were amazing to see and swim through. Our second dive was the Seaford Ledges which was a nice relaxing shallow dive around rocky sandy gullies with lots of crabs and lobsters for Bret Champion to torment and frighten his new found best buddy Jon with. For an extremely nervous and novice RIB diver these were the perfect dives for me, in addition to which Dave Tressider, my fellow divers and buddy Len Hards made every effort to reassure me and put me at ease. It also really helped that we had fantastic sunshine all day, the visibility was good at nearly 5 meters and whilst the ride was a bit bumpy, it wasn’t the vomit comet I had been dreading! All in all it was a really good experience and for me, using the RIB is a cost effective way to improve my diving, vary my experience and most importanty have fun. I will definitely be booking another one.
Corrine Jacques