Busy diving in April


Some of you may have seen the ‘Top 10 divers’ tacked to the notice board over the last few months have been dominated by a few hardy clubmates relentlessly clocking up the dives and minutes in dark cold lakes.  Well, at least for April, the warm water bunch have well and truly displaced them with some more exotic dive site names too.  Congratulations to Marcella, Top Diver this month with 18 dives and almost a thousand minutes underwater.  Rib season is now well and truly underway so expect to see Dean & Kirstie climbing up the leader board soon.

Cracking stats for the month – 228 logged dives

April 2012


Name Minutes Dives
Turanova   Marcella 949 18
Hepple   Ros 921 18
Hards   Len 906 17
Tulip   Kevan 852 18
Maskell   Brian 847 19
Maskell   Jackie 813 18
East   Mark 805 17
Klinge   Dorothea 750 16
Doughty   Cynthia 694 16
Eyden   Paul 694 16


Dive stats for the month

10 Dates, 24 Divers, 228 Dives, 10294 Minutes


Dive Sites

Abu Dabab4, Abu Garawa Soraya, City of Brisbane, Claudia, Deadalus East Side, Deadalus South Reef,
Deadalus West Reef, Elphinstone, Fortuna, Habili Gaffa,
Lancer2, Malahi, Raz Shoona, Rocky Island, Sataya, Seaford Ledges,
StJohn, Umm Aruk, Umm Aruk2, VobsterQuay, Wraysbury, Zabargad

So if you want to get on the list, shake out that kit and get diving.  A big thanks to all the dive managers who send me their log sheets – I do read them and record every dive, so keep sending ’em in


Chris H