Xmas Ice Diving

Some of us would prefer to stuff the dive kit in the garage for winter and take the skis out.  Not Zak because he’s mad… ice diving in Tignes, France.

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Dive profile:

  • Date: 27/12/2012
  • Place: Tignes Le Lac
  • Altitude: 2100m
  • Pressure: 760mbar
  • Dive company: Evolution 2
  • Start code/ time down: A4 1500
  • Finish code/ time up: C4 1525
  • Maximum depth: 6m
  • Roped dive attached to surface line.
  • Buddy (local nationally qualified instructor) in water on separate line + surface cover.
  • Gas: Air
  • Protection: full face mask; 7mm crushed neoprene drysuit: dry gloves; drysuit under clothing (4th element top and bare top+bottom)
  • Comments: bone dry at start and finish

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