The inaugural K&E General Knowledge quiz night

For those who missed our first general knowledge quiz night, you missed a good evening indeed! It was also our first chance to use the new microphone and speaker system we’ve just purchased for the club – what timing.

Jonathan M as quiz master did a fantastic job with the questions and put a lot of thought into it with the different subject rounds. Jonathan was ably assisted by Chris Drewett, his wife Nicky (scorer) & daughter Georgina (in charge of question papers).

Quiz Control table

Thanks must also go to Jackie, Gill, Eileen and the rest of team who as always do a great job “behind the scenes” with organising our social events and runnng the bar on the night.

Anyone who didn’t come along thinking it was going to be an “old folks quiz” missed a real challenge, whilst it wasn’t Mastermind level either. The questions were interesting and on a whole variety of subjects, from Trivia, Sport, the 2013 Film & Music awards and James Bond. Being divers the majority present were challenged to answer some of the questions and the usual dive quiz winners were stumped a lot of times too. Chris H, we missed you pal, you would have loved it.

Eyes down, confer quietly!

In the interval we played a game of “heads & tails” which I’d not played before, but simply involved each person placing their hands on their head (“heads”) or rear (“tails”); a coin was tossed and those who matched the resultant head or tail continued to the next round, whilst the unlucky ones sat down. After whittling down the numbers there were just four left in the game, three of whom selected “heads” leaving one with “tails”, and on the coin toss Jo Tres was the lucky winner. We’d all paid £1 to play this game and we split the £40 pot between Jo as winner, with the rest going to club funds. Hope you treated yourself Jo to something nice. PS with your luck are you also playing the Euromillions lottery?

The "Old Wrecks"

The quiz was won by The Old Wrecks team who used their Joker at the right time to take the lead from Still Thinking, who had been consistent front runners up until then. A considerable feat for Still Thinking as eventual runners up was the inclusion of team member Richard Hoyle who had driven back for the quiz night after two days of training for his Diver Cox – such dedication!

Team "Still Thinking"

I also want to commend Leanne, Richard and Marcela as The Expats team, who despite coming last did so with only three team members, but may have also been disadvantaged by their overseas origins when it came to “general knowledge”!

What it looks like to come last!

Through team fees, the heads and tails game and a great raffle we raised £167 for club funds, plus more from bar sales. Many thanks to Sandy from The Old Wrecks, who donated an expansive set of prizes for the raffle.

Raffle Prizes

Overall, it was a fun evening well supported by club members, family and even a couple of teams made up of non club members – it’s always good to welcome new people to our events and good also to see some of our newer members getting involved.

So, your next chance to participate, have fun and a good laugh will be at the ABBA karaoke. Details on the Social Events posters.

By Barry Duplock