Diver Safety Talk, 23rd January

K&E will be delighted to welcome Gareth Lock to the clubhouse on the 23rd January, to deliver a talk on diver safety.

Gareth Lock- is the Director of the research organisation Cognitas Incident Research and Management (www.cognitas.org.uk). The aim of the organisation is to improve diving safety by challenging current practices and encouraging a ‘Just Culture’ in the sport. He is currently undertaking a part-time self-funded PhD at Cranfield University, England looking at the role of Human Factors in Diving Incidents. He has been actively diving since 2007 and is BSAC DL, TDI AN&DP and GUE Tech 2 qualified. As well as studying for his PhD, he also manages the open reporting system DISMS (Diving Incident and Safety Management System) which provides an open but confidential incident reporting system to allow others to learn from our mistakes.

Topic of lecture: ’Obvious’ Errors and Mistakes: Why they are not as simple as we think and what we can do to improve things.

This lecture will focus on the fact that simple errors are anything but simple. It is easy to join the dots when looking back after the incident to determine the causality and then wonder why the diver did those multiple ‘stupid’ mistakes which ultimately led to their demise. Gareth will explain how incidents develop using a specific rebreather case study and, importantly, why it isn’t so easy to explain the apparent irrationality from an external perspective, especially when you know the outcome. A significant number of serious incidents occur each year, but many never reach the wider population because of fear of ridicule or embarrassment. Ultimately we must start to engage with those who have non-fatal incidents and be less judgemental if we are to improve the safety for all, irrespective of their experience or knowledge.

I hope you can all join us for this.