New Web Site

Welcome to our new web site. The new format is mobile and tablet compatible as well. You will see that the front page and initial page menu is aimed at attracting new members and getting them to contact us. The “Members Area” tab does what it says on the tin, in there you will see the top menu changes and offer additional pages, the new side also menus offer you very similar content to our old site. A lot of the pages are designed for the newer members but also serve as useful information for many. We have added new content including training videos and information of how to use the pool and the RIB’s, how to book on dives and so on. Please do have a good look around when you get time. One of the main functions of the members area is club communication, the calendar and posts / blogs are key to this. To make the most of the club web site we all need to input to it as well as read it.
We would like as many people as possible to contribute and we will soon run a training session on using the site. In the mean time if you have an article, a forthcoming event or similar please think of using the web site first. All posts on the site will be emailed to the scubakingston yahoo email group on a daily basis as well. So unless urgent, to get your info on the web, email group, Facebook and Twitter in one easy go, you simply need to post it on the club web site. If you are not at all technically minded then no fear, just email your article, pictures, links etc to myself or Richard Hoyle for now and we will do the rest. The usefulness of the site for members and how good it looks to others depends on an up to date calendar and content. Moving forward we hope to have lots of people in the club who can upload content.
The new site has responded to feedback received but we would love to continue to develop the site so if you have any other ideas about what should be on there then please do get in touch. If you spot any issues or errors with the new site then we clearly want to hear about those as well.
The web site has been one of our best assets for communicating between us and attracting new members over the years. A lot of the new content has been stolen from the old site and I would like to thank Gren Hamlyn for all his previous work and graphics which has meant the current changes have been possible. Gren, I now appreciate how much effort you must have put into getting our old site up and running, thank you. Huge thanks also go to Richard Hoyle who has been the IT brains behind the button pushing. Richard has contributed many hours and late nights to iron out the considerable IT glitches that we have had and has enabled a very smooth and painless transfer from old to new.