Diving Weekend in Brighton, 24-25th May 2014 on Proteus

Proteus 1 Proteus 2 Proteus 3As part of the ongoing K&E ‘link-up’ with the Metropolitan Police BSAC group, a small group of us (Leanne, Jayme, Jon Webb, Brian and Jackie, Paul, Len, Adrian and Jim) were able to take up their offer of a weekend of diving off their boat, Proteus, moored in Brighton Marina. We were made to feel very welcome by Steve, Kevin, Matt, Nicky and Oz.

Typically for a bank holiday weekend, the weather was very changeable, and on Saturday we contended with sun, rain, mist and wind on our journey out to the City of Brisbane, a WW1 wreck lying in approximately 20m. Luckily the wind dropped, the sea calmed and the mist disappeared in time for our dive!

With visibility of 0.5- 1m and a balmy 12 degrees Celsius water temperature, Leanne and Jayme dived for over 50 minutes and found lobsters, crabs and wrasse. During the surface interval we were able to respond to a Mayday call, and rushed round to Beachy Head to assist in the search for a ‘Man overboard’. When this situation was subsequently clarified and down-graded (no one had fallen overboard!), we adapted the dive plan and did a drift dive off Beachy Head. Visibility was less than ideal, so dive times were somewhat short.

On Sunday the sun was shining and the sea was calm so off we went again, this time to the City of Waterford. At 34 metres the visibility was again very limited, to 0.5-1.00metre and very dark but that didn’t deter us.

Overall, we had a lovely weekend on Proteus with great facilities, excellent value for money (only £20 for the day) and fabulous company, a good time was had by all. I would strongly encourage other K&E members to make use of this great opportunity, we have both a hard boat and a RIB offering diving within just over an hours drive from the clubhouse, let’s hope the visibility improves as the season progresses! Many thanks to all on board for their hospitality!



Jackie Maskell

27th May 2014