Ocean Diver Theory

Over the next three Thursdays we will be running a fast track set of Ocean Diver Therory lessons for anyone who needs them. Please see the club calendar for full details: CALENDAR

We will run two lessons each week starting at 8:30pm as follows:

03/07/14 – OT2 – Brian Deluce followed by OT3-  Jonathan Markwell

10/07/14 – OT4 – Dave Tresidder followed by OT5-  Rachel Sharp

17/07/14 – OT6 – Elaine Brightman followed by OT7-  Tony Porter

If you would like a refresher or have missed any of these please just turn up. We do not intend to run these lessons again until well into the autumn when we have a new intake of trainees.

We will also be running Dive Leader lessons shortly. Skill Development Courses (SDC’s) O2 Admin, Practical Rescue Management and Dive Planning and Marshalling cover many of the lessons, we will fill in the gaps for you. Please do let Rachel know if you are . want to start working towards your Dive Leader grade. All the SDC’s are listed HERE.

There is also currently some interest in progressing towards becoming an instructor, your first stepping stone is to become a sports diver and then attend an Instructor Foundation Course, there are listed HERE.