The Vasco

On Sunday we dived the Vasco. This is a relatively rarely dived wreck especially for us. She is not well documented so we thought we would try and create a slightly better record on our web site, here it is:

The Vasco is unusual in that is sits on a sandy bottom that has engulfed some of the wreck. The sea bed around the area is at 33 meters (low neap tide). The wreck lies south east to north west with reportedly the bows to the south east. Our dives seemed to confirm this with bollards and an anchor seen at the south east. She lists to port by about 10 degrees with the top of the port side in circa 35 meters and the starboard side in 32m. The sea bed to the starboard (west) side at the bows and stern drops away to about 36m. To the east there is a scour hole more towards the stern that is 40 meters deep. In places towards the stern and bows she is engulfed with sand waves that almost completely cover the wrecks starboard side. The very stern was not seen on this dive but there is a large deck winch towards the stern where our shot had landed. Forward of this two deck levels are possible to swim through (circa 15 meters long), we had 6 plus meters of viability and could see light penetrating at both levels before we entered. Large shoals of bass lurked often in the shadow of the wreck down into the scour hole, at times they came up and engulfed us. Evidence of the deck masts remain and in places where the seabed had swallowed the wreck it was still possible to follow the outline as sections of plate and stiffening ribs still poked up through the sand. Engine and boilers remained elusive, presumably buried. There was no shortage of good sized crustaceans though. Definitely a wreck we have to explore some more and unusual in terms of the sand waves around her which made the dive feel a bit like visiting a ruin in the desert that had been taken over by a sand dune. Dropping the shot is a little challenging and a good echo sounder is needed to distinguish between solid metal and the softer sand but once you find the scour hole and know that she lied to the west of that, it is entirely possible to lay line over the wreck as we did. A little more including a couple of pictures can be found here: