RIB Dives

Yesterday’s dive on the City of Waterford was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Masses of fish blocked views of the wreck for most of the dive and all the usual critters together with a super friendly cuttlefish were seen. Spring tides and a short slack prevented too much penetration into the wreck but an old deck brush was spotted and other interesting looking objects could just be made out in the silt tempting us back next time. Flat seas saw a fast trip home but we did have a brief delay while we waited for the ferry to enter the harbour.

2015-08-16 15.07.31

Diving next weekend will be on Saturday with an 8:30 meet. We hope to dive the Vasco on the low water slack. This is a wreck we have only dived a couple of times before  but she sits on a sandy bottom and is very picturesque.