Chepstow training weekend 26-27th September 2015

Just a quick post from Rob Cooper to say some very large ‘Thank Yous’ to Len for organising the Chepstow weekend, to the instructing team who were there to put us all through our paces (Richard, Elaine, Tony, Matt, Brett, David, Jim, Paul and Len) and to Corinne for wielding the Dive Manager’s ‘Clipboard of Ultimate Power’ with such ruthless efficiency – No Logs, No Dive!

Congratulations to everyone who was either signed off for their next level or got some new skills under their belt and hopefully our new recruits enjoyed a fun weekend getting to know the foibles and sometimes contradictory nature of the ‘dry’ suit as well as perhaps having their first experience of UK waters!!

It was really good to see so many club members together having a great time doing what we all joined a dive club for…here’s to the next one!

A few photos from Corinne and Lucy Evans!


Chepstow a place of beauty.


Barry with a creature from the deep!


Hooray I am diving again !!! Jason Stark


Lucy at the fairground underwater!


Hi I am Tony !!!

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