Cost of diving plunges to zero for RIB divers

Want to go diving for nothing?

Yes, that’s right the cost to members for ‘hiring’ our magnificent Humber Destroyer RIB, SeaKing is a whole zero, nought, nada, zippo.  You have to pay for the fuel you use but it’s about as cheap as you can get for diving.

‘Diving doesn’t get much cheaper than this’ – quote by celebrity cooking program diver

Now some of you might not know  or have forgotten the joys of RIB diving and compared with other means  of ‘getting wet’ it has some distinct advantages over hard boats and inland sites:

  • It’s free to use.  Cost per person, even at popular inland sites costs between £10 and £17 Hard boat diving per day is more.  The RIB is nothing!
  • It’s convenient.  If you are short of ‘weekend’ time you can do a single days sea diving, although the RIB sometimes goes out both days.  Suddenly free on the weekend ?  If there is a RIB dive going out and there is a space you can join up on the Thursday before.
  • It’s close by.  Newhaven is just over an hour away from the club, Not many places closer ( unless you like mud).  The café there does a super sarnie too.
  • Bad weather forecast?  Unlike a hard boat commitment, if the weather looks likely to be bad it can be cancelled right up to the morning you go,  free of charge and if you still want to dive, you can always go to an inland site.
  • It’s more adventurous.  Get involved in the planning aspects of going to a offshore dive site, it’s much more satisfying than being taxied to and from the site.
  • You decide what you are going to dive, within reason.
  • It’s more varied  There are dozens of dive sites within 30  minutes or so from Newhaven base. OK, this is true of all sea diving but you have to travel further.  Inland sites are fine for testing out kit but there is a lot more interesting things to see on a sea dive.
  • Learn to skipper the RIB.  Want to learn? Want an internationally recognised qualification ? The ICC is only £15 to BSAC Diver Cox’s.   Want to practice boat handling?  You can only do this if you are on the RIB.
  • It’s a great day out.  Taking the RIB out is a lot of fun especially if the weather is fine, pack a picnic, banter with a bunch of mates (and not sharing a boat with others you don’t know), do a couple of dives and back home for the evening- what’s not to like?

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Want to know more?  want to get involved?

Resources: Hiring KE RIB procedure_V1  :newhaven-regulations  :DM-Check-List :

See your friendly Diving Officer or Boats Officer for more details