Quiz night at the club

We decided to revive a popular occasional quiz night at the club.  General idea was to get members to come to the club for a convivial evening together being quizzed on  diving-ish topics.

Quizmaster and compiler for this first evening was me Chris H.  I couldn’t ask for input for questions otherwise everyone would know the answers!  The format was 25 questions based on loosely based on diving, marine, film, and music and a picture round of ‘where am I’, ‘what am I’ and ‘who am I’

Brian Deluce set up the PA system and my ‘glamorous assistant’ for the evening Jacqui Cole assembled the teams and handed out the answer sheets.  We had 4 teams and they all had to choose a team name ( in the style of The Apprentice).

Now the quiz has to be a balance between being too easy and too difficult.  I set the level of diving related questions at Ocean diver – not too tricky, or so you might have thought!   I did stick a few tough questions in as a sort of tie breaker, indeed Jonathan Markwell was the only ‘contestant’  who knew what a rudula is and where you might find one ( it’s the tongue of a mollusc )- well done Jon.    It was a lively crowd, a bit of heckling from a particular section, but this was to be expected and lots of periods of hushed whispering.

We had a short entertaining break to refill refreshments and Brian hosted a game of ‘heads and tails’ which Alan Fox triumphed as the winner.  The answer papers were swapped around and the marking commenced ( more heckling!)  The result was pretty close .  Coming in a magnificent 4th was ‘Fish& Chips’, a strong 3rd was ‘Jason & the aquanauts’, second was ‘Jacqui’s boys’ and the winners by a single point were the ‘Drowned Rats’ – getting about 80% of the questions correct.

All in all it was a 90 minutes of lightweight fun and we hope to do it again, perhaps every couple of months maybe?  Anyone else who wants to have a go compiling the quiz or being the host for the evening should speak with Jacqui or myself, you never know, it might catch on!