Club Dives are now mid season

Last Saturday saw some great dives on the City of Brisbane. The original plan was modified due to fog and wind creating a choppy sea.  So a local wreck was chosen that we have not dives for a while due to being covered in net for the last couple of years. At 16m to the top and 20 to the sea bed  (low water slack) the Brisbane makes an excellent Ocean Diver dive and we are likely to do this wreck again next weekend. There is still some net on the wreck but this is well tucked in and easy to avoid, most is course trawl net although there is still some monofilament around so safest still to dive in good vis. This is exactly what we had and plenty of sea life including cuttlefish and alike were encountered.

Both dives next weekend are fully booked up but there are spaces on the 23rd and 24th July if you are realizing you are missing out.