Summer is here!

The heat is on and this weekend a saw full RIB booking for both dives on both days. The Lancer on Saturday offered Lucy her first dive on SeakingĀ and some come back dives for a couple of others who have not been out for a long time. “Best UK dive in a very long time”, “Fantastic wreck”, “Masses of fish”, “excellent vis”, take your pick of the quotes from the day. The wreck also offered up some very interesting finds that certainly deserve a further visit very soon.

On Sunday we dived the City of Brisbane and just like last week, this did not disappoint either. With Gita’s first UK RIB dive complete, she took the helm and took us back to port for a quick toilet stop before a very enjoyable dive on Seaford Ledges where Plaice and too many crabs to count were spotted.

Both days next weekend have lots of space available if you are not in Plymouth.

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