Scuba Squiz!

Our first social event of the year, outside diving and the usual Thursday club meets, kicked off with a fun and highly competitive quiz night on Saturday 28th January.

There were visitors from as far as Essex…….accepted they were visiting family, but nevertheless the draw was far and wide and everyone had a fantastic time. 

The quiz held in our own Club House had 5 teams pitted against each other, each vying for the title and reputation of Kingston and Elmbridge Scuba Club Cleverestsssssss’sss and a packet of Bon Bons (…well it couldn’t have been for the money as there wasn’t any)

The 5 teams were bombarded with questions by our very own Carol Vorderman of quick wit, beauty and intelligence – Jacqui Cole. (but at least 20 years younger. Ed.  think I got away with that one…)

The winning team were the “Badger’s Bodgers” with winnings of 6 packets of Bon Bons and a warning not to eat them all at once or they will get sick!

I’m personally looking forward to next year, as this annual quiz grows I hear there might be a tin of Roses as the prize! (got to love the purple ones)

Here are some photos from the night…hope you enjoy and look forward to seeing you next year!

The winners – Badger’s Bodger! (with Barry ‘Badger’ Back Left)

Emma, David, Jo, Andrew and Shandy (without Badger)

Barbara and David, Eileen, Jon and Len

Dan, Shirley, Jonathan and Brian

Tony (with hand in mouth from the suspense), Jackie, Elaine, Lisa, Brian, Paul and Tony again (without hand in mouth)

Jonathan, Julie, Dave and…’you take my photo and I’ll break your legs’ Gieta