Day 1 In the KESAC Celebrity Jungle….

Okay so I exaggerated, it was half a day*…as we all had a Sunday Roast on, BUT it was a killer jungle of Knott Weed we found ourselves in with a whole list of challenges our KESAC Celebs took part in.  (*Ed. and yes I am mixing Reality TV metaphors…”Day 1 in the…” is from BB)


No witchetty grubs had to be eaten or were harmed as part of our Bush Tucker Trials, but the Japanese Knott Weed down the back of the club house was certainly a jungle task no one came away un scarred from, me included! 

Big shout out to those who took part in club dungy cleaning challenge, they earned bonus points for their respective teams.  

Thankfully Len, didn’t get a chance to try out his new white mankini in the obligatory first “shower moment” of the series – perhaps on day 2?

Challenges Completed

  • Removal and treatment of the Japanese Knotweed from behind the club house and boat shed. No mean feat and hard work given the access and amount of undergrowth.
  • Completed the PAT testing for all portable appliances
  • Installed strengthening screws to 50% of the club house chairs. 200 pilot holes drilled and 200 screws installed. (Ed. Jim were you seriously counting…)
  • Speaker refitted to wall (so we can Rock Out on Thursday nights)
  • All internal and external lights checked and fixed as required (Ed. I would like to say that I didn’t get involved in this particular challenge…last time I worked electrics in my home club chairman electrocuted me>>>)
  • Socket repaired in training room
  • Deep clean of kitchen
  • Ladies and gents toilets cleaned (Ed. Respect)
  • Patio area cleaned and tidied up
  • Rubbish removed from around car park and patio area
  • Cleaned, dusted and hoovered inside the club house

The Celebs Who Made It

Great team effort from everyone involved and big thanks to….
  • Brian and Jackie
  • Paul
  • Kev and Gill
  • Gieta
  • Jacqui
  • Elaine
  • Nathan
  • Hywel
  • Jon
  • Alan
Apologies if I have missed anyone off the list (Jim said that)

A Word from Len (Ant) and Jim (Dec)

“Big thanks to all concerned. I think the club has never looked or been in better shape than it is now, something to be proud of by all our present members. It was well attended, we had a good sunny day and had a few laughs as well. Hopefully many more maintenance days will follow with even a bigger attendance.” Len
“We had a very successful work day today, managing to complete many of the tasks I wanted to get done”. Jim