Vobster Fun!

12 club members, plus my two off spring, had a fantastically fun day down in Vobster Quay Inland Diving Centre last Saturday.  Some of us were training, some trying out new equipment, others were just having fun exploring.

The facilities are fantastic, shop, changing rooms, teaching areas, practice pool, food.  I even loved the idea of a tab system using wrist bands to pay for everything at the end of the day…except when I realised my 7 and 8 year olds cottoned onto this and bought £10 worth of skittles, soda and hamburgers while I wasn’t watching.  Smirk and ketchup still on their chops should have told me everything! Still the wifi was great at keeping them within a 20m radius of the main building. (#FutureChildCareNow – kidding Mrs Targett!)

So why was it so good.  Well the car park is located right next to the quay side….and the quay side is next to water – which made it nice and easy to stay together as a club and gave us the ability to lay our kit out on benches that were under a roofed area to protect us from the elements.  Then all we had to do was jump in and stagger out. Simples.

The food was great, hot drinks were flowing and everything in the same place and close proximity to dive area.

Now I love Chepstow, done most of my dive training there and will be going back as some great diving, but to be able to jump right on in from the water’s edge is a big plus in my book.

There are lots of things to explore.

I really enjoyed the tunnel that starts at 8m and descends to 22m.  Great fun, first time diving in pitch black confined space and didn’t freak – yay me!

I admit it….I got “torch envy”, everyone gets it at least once….right?  I quickly realised my “pistol grip/doorstop/2 KG extra lead/2 x D battery/Bike Bulb” of a torch wasn’t up to much compared to the two “Mr’s with I have a bigger Lightsaber LED/truck lights” in front and behind me.  

So I turned mine off…not that anyone would have noticed…and used their “Ursa Major Star Constellations” to light my way while trying at the same time not to get blinded.

It was great that everyone was together in the same place and we could chat and hang out next to the waters edge – really made it a great club trip out.

Big thanks to the 3 instructors.  Elaine, Paul and Richard and shout out to those who made it…Barry, Emma, David M, David N, Alex, Ian, Jon, Nathan, Adrian. (Plus Joshua and Alicia – Daddy says thank you for letting me DIVE! And I forgive you £10)

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