Vobster Training Day

Elaine Brightman, Kingston and Elmbridge Training Officer Reports:

Vobster Quay last Saturday (12/08/17) was another successful training day.

Thank you to the instructors and assistant instructors who gave up there time to help with training.

Nice to see new faces there too –  Paul his first dive in an English quarry not quite the same as diving in Australia. (Ed. Yeah…and a lot safer!!! See BBC article on Australian boy lunched upon by Sea Fleas! not for the squeamish!!)

Well done to the students who were carrying out skills.

Next training weekend is Saturday 30th September and Sunday 1st October at Stoney Cove.

Ocean and sports divers this is a good opportunity for you to finish your skills and Drills before the weather starts to change.

Please make sure you put your names on the list if you require training so that I can make sure I have enough instructors available.