Stoney Cove Training Weekend

Elaine Porter reports:

Once again another great training weekend  lots of laughs and banter topped of with the usual Curry night.

Many thanks to Tony, Len, Martin, Jackie and Brian for giving up there time to train or help out with students.

Many thanks to Jon P, Hywel, Michael and Jay  for all your effort you all did great with your training.

Thank you to Paul for coming up – good news the Dry suit held no getting wet this time.

Photos by Jackie ‘Bailey’ Maskell:

Where’s Wally 😉 There’s always one…

Len the Don, Outback Paul from Aus, John Phelps (no relation to Michael), Martin of Arabia, Hywel of the Valleys (not the TV show), East End Tony and the Gorgeous and Most Fabulous Elaine our Training Officer…Jackie is also Gorgeous and Most Fabulous, but taking the photos.

“Mini” Len and “Giant” Paul – you got to love perspective, makes my job naming these so much more fun! #Oompa Loompa doompadee doo

G’day! Paul – how was the “land down under” the water in Stoney…boom boom…get it! It’s got to be up there with the Great Barrier Reef surely!

#Put your right foot in, your right foot….sploosh…it all about!

“I say old boy, you need more weight to get you down…you seem to be stuck on the surface…that would never do!”

Checklist – Suit Zipped Up, Check, Gloves, Check, Wooden Spoon In the Bag, Check, Hoods, Che..

Positively Sunny!

Thanks and Note from the  Editor:

Kingston and Elmbridge Sub Aqua club prides itself on it’s continual training and learning programme that not only encourages growth within our club, but also builds confidence for individuals in their own abilities.

As a club we are thankful for having such a good band of qualified volunteered trainers in the club who regularly give up their time and money investing in the future of Scuba Diving in the UK.

If you are interested in learning to SCUBA dive, but don’t know how or where to start and want to know more, even have a try dive to see if it is for you, then please contact us via this website or through our Facebook page.