Kingston and Elmbridge – New Malden Centre Open Day

Kingston and Elmbridge Sub Aqua Club will have a stall at the Malden Centre open day this Saturday 25th November.

It’s our chance to show people why Scuba Diving is an amazing sport and why we keep coming back for more.

We are looking for more club members to book a slot during the day to pass on your experiences and enthuse others to come have a try dive and then if would like to move on to learning.

Please contact Brian on  07930 148 498

And for those who are not yet members or don’t know how to Scuba Dive but would like to know more…..then we look forward to seeing you down at the Malden Centre on Saturday. 

All your diving related questions will be answered including any of the following:

  • How long can you stay down for?
  • What happens if I need the toilet when underwater? – answers depends very much on what you are wearing!
  • How deep can I go?
  • What about sharks?
  • Where’s the best places in the world to dive?  You might find some places closer than you think
  • How much does it cost to learn?
  • Is BSAC the most cost effective use of my time and money learning to dive?  Or should I use up all my exotic holiday that I spent a fortune on learning to dive instead of learning to diving before I go?  
  • Do you provide all the kit while I am learning to dive?
  • Who is the best diving organisation to learn to dive with that is recognised world wide? (Slight bias maybe expressed) 😉
  • I already know how to dive, can I join your club?
  • Do you provide other courses like boat handling, rescue training, VHF radio training, compressor training, first aid and more?
  • What trips abroad do you go on?
  • What’s it like diving in the UK?
  • Do you have your own boat that costs me only the price of the fuel to go on each diving trip? (Ed. Cost me £7.50 last time)
  • Do you have club house that I can hire for a party free of charge as a club member?
  • Do you have your own bar with cheap club prices?
  • Do you have fun?
  • Do you see stuff that most people won’t see in their whole entire lives?
  • I am bored of the same things day in day out and want some adventure, will SCUBA diving provide me this?