Committee – Whose Who

Committee – Whose Who

When you are new to joining a club….and we’ve had a few in the last few weeks, it can be hard to know whose who.

We’ve all been there, some more recently than others, like myself.

To have photos and names of approachable, friendly and helpful committee members that can help you find your way round the club and introduce you to new friends is why I am promoting the Committee Page on our website today! 

Just click the link below to find out committee member names and what they do for the club.

We do have the same photos up on the wall in the club house if you forget to look them up on your phone before you come, but at least everyone, both new and old, regular and less so knows who this year’s Committee Members are…at least until November 2018.

Hope this helps!  Remember – you don’t just have to approach committee members – everyone in the club is open and happy to chat too!  See you at the club!  (Thursdays)

Click Here to jump to our committee page!