#If you go down to the pool tonight you can be sure of a big surprise!#

For those of you not on Facebook and won’t have seen Gieta’s Post tonight, Kingston Borough Council are introducing, as of next week, a flat £1.50 charge for parking in the car park out the front of New Malden Swimming anytime after 18:30.

You can pay by contactless or chip and pin cards, Apple Pay, Ringo App or with old fashion coinage!
The reason why Gieta and Emma are looking so pleased in this image despite the horrid yellow sticker being found on their windshields was that the guy was putting them on there with a £0.00 fine to give people fair warning of he change. 
Don’t be caught out next time you are down the pool!
Remember the pool is there for us to use.  There is always one of our guys and gals down there each week providing top cover to make sure we are safe and collecting £2 a swim charge for those not training.
It really is good opportunity to enjoy a quiet swim towards the end of a long week.
You can also take kit to try out or just take some fins, snorkel and a mask! (Not normally allowed during public swim times)
So let’s us it!