Kingston’s Overseas Diving Trips Commended!

Well…in so much as we were heavily featured in BSAC’s latest edition of SCUBA Magazine article “All Aboard – 10 Steps to Planning a Club Trip Abroad”….so we must be doing something right! 🙂

If you want to read more about the 2017 Galapagos Trip Click here.

There is also a great feature on Thistlegorm in 3D, which we also dived during a live-aboard club trip to the Red Sea in 2017!  For this Red Sea Trip Click here.

Also read up about our latest trip to Malta 2018 here.

Image of SCUBA Magazine Front Cover Issue 82 September 2018

SCUBA Magazine – Issue 82 September 2018

Image of Kingston And Elmbridge Club Members on Zodiak RIB during Galapagos Trip 2017

“Grin and Wave Boys, Just Grin and Wave” – Usual Suspects!

R-L – Jim (Waving), Elaine, Kev, Tony, Brian, “Another Diver”, Jackie

Picture of Club Members Relaxing and Sightseeing

Pic 1 (L-R) Gill, Kev, Paul, Jim, Jackie, Brian and Audrey. Pic 2 (L-R) Random Guy, Elaine, Tony, Jim, Audrey, Jackie, Brian, Paul, Gill and Kev