23 Divers! – Club Training Weekend Away

April 2019 Stoney Cove Dive Training

Craig Daniel (KESAC Training Officer) writes:

On the 27th and 28th April 2019 we took a group of 23 divers to Stoney Cove to have a whole weekend of training.

There were 2 Ocean Divers, 7 Sports Divers, 3 Dive Leaders all practicing open water skills and dive management. Well done to all of you for completing the tasks that were assigned to you.

Many thanks to Elaine, Tony, Pete, Len, Brian for your help in ensuring all the training went to plan and all divers safely returned with new skills. 

Thanks to Danny and Jason for being great Dive Managers, and to Dave for assisting. Many thanks also to Matt and Jon for helping with the students.

There were also a few divers who came for club support and to just enjoy the diving. 

The Saturday night curry was a must and again thanks to Len for organising that. 

Keep up the great diving skills and look out for the next training weekend. 

I think we need a new gazebo (thanks mother nature)