Red Sea Trip 2019

Kingston and Elmbridge Red Sea Trip 2019

Leanne Collinson writes:

On the 21st June 24 K&E divers travelled to Gatwick to fly to Hurghada for our Blue O Two  liveaboard. We had a minor hiccup to deal with almost immediately, when the Thomas Cook reps insisted we were not confirmed on our flight. As panicked images of spending the next week doing consolation dives at Vobster tormented your author, the trip organiser sorted things out with admirable calmness, and shortly after, we took off.

A painless transfer to Blue Fin, our home for the next week, followed by a sleep at the marina later and first thing on Saturday morning, we were off! The plan was the Northern Wrecks and Reefs itinerary, and after a comprehensive briefing from our brilliant guides, Tifa and Ahmed, we were in for our first 2 (of 19, over the course of the week) dives.

Blue O Two – MV Blue Fin

Clear, warm waters (water temperature at depth ranged from 24oC for the early morning dives, to 29oc!), abundant marine life and historic wrecks have cemented Egypt’s place as a mecca for British divers, and this week didn’t disappoint. We had beautiful coral reefs, tropical fish, millions of Nudis, turtles, dolphins, and for some of the group, a whale shark.

For those of you who’ve never been on a Liveaboard, the routine goes something like this- wake at the crack of dawn to the clanging of the dive bell, quick briefing and in the water for dive 1, followed by breakfast with endless eggs, a couple of hours relaxation, followed by another dive bell, briefing, dive, followed by lunch, followed for a couple of hours relaxation, etc. Repeat until 3-4 dives have been completed, eat dinner, enjoy restorative G&T/beer, do some star gazing on the top deck, sleep. Repeat. It is a great way to tot up lots of dives, in different conditions- night dives, drifts, walls, wrecks etc.

Hard Life On a Liveaboard

We were brilliantly looked after by Blue O Two – the guides were knowledgeable and friendly (and for many of us, by now familiar faces), the seamen helpful and on hand to pick up the more adventurous buddy pairs who went somewhat further afield than expected in the Zodiacs, and the chef a marvel. I cannot recommend it enough.

Some close encounters…of the wanted kind!

Thanks to Jon for organising the trip, and all who went for a memorable and happy week.

Ed: Thank you Leanne for your write up of the trip. Thank you also to Gieta, Jon, Jacqui, and Lucy for your lovely edited photos that you have allowed to shared…I could only pick a few. And thanks also to Dave Miller for his photos and amazing short video of a juvenile Whale Shark he managed to catch on his GoPro! Very jealous!

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Red Sea 2019
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