Club Diving 2020 Starts!

So 2020 has been a bit of a bummer for club trips abroad, even in the UK and has definitely effected the practical scuba club training…Although during the lock down our online Theory lessons have been a great success thanks to Dave (coordinating the online courses), Danny our Training Officer and all the club instructors who helped lead the lessons!

With easing of restrictions for COVID-19 and some of our favourite and new haunts as well as dive boats operations starting up again club members have also started to dive.

Debbie one of our club members has sent in a few words on the last few trips she has been on with the club and some words….

26/06/20 – Wraysbury
Divers: Len, Jon P, Ian A, Danny, Brian M, Nick, Amanda, Zoe, and myself (Debbie).

(Wraysbury COVID restrictions was no signing in, changing rooms closed, toilet one in one out, food and drink had to be eaten in car, groups to stay smaller than 6.)

A fun day at Wraysbury and great to see some fellow club members after such a long surface interval. We had some dive leaders to be practicing their dive leading and management skills while less experience divers brushed up on their DSMB skills. Not the best visibility but lots of crayfish were found in the grassy areas.

01/07/20 – Wraysbury
Divers: Len, Zoe, Danny, Nick, Brian M Dave W, Ross, Jackie, Brian and myself (Debbie).

Another fun day at Wraysbury, more practicing of dive leading and management skills from the dive leaders to be. Some club members tried out new kit such as side mounts and carrying a pony bottle for the first time. Vis was a bit murky but we found and explored the dive bell.

11/07/20 – St Andrews
Divers: Len, Jon P, James. W, Ross, Jason, Krissy and myself (Debbie). 

St Andrews COVID restrictions was mainly a reduced number of divers on site and kitting up benches re-positioned so that there is space to social distance. Also changing rooms closed.

First time at this site for many of the divers. We had more practicing of dive leading and management skills from the dive leaders to be. Visibility was better and we all found a scary looking figure on the yacht at 33 meters.