A Virtual AGM

33 Club Members and Officers Joined the Virtual 2020 AGM

On Thursday 26 November, 33 members and committee of Kingston and Elmbridge BSAC joined together on Zoom to host the club’s first, and hopefully only, on-line AGM.

Nothing, not even COVID-19, stands in the way of a Club Secretary running the club’s Annual General Meeting!

The evening went surprisingly well and free from technical issues. The raising of hands feature in Zoom was used by the tellers to count votes on agenda items that required it. And the chat box was used for any questions people wanted to ask during a particular agenda item or officers report, with the tellers watching to raise the question or ask the member to unmute and clarify more – it kept everything ship shape and running smoothly. More importantly everyone felt that their points were openly discussed and there was transparency in the voting.

There were some notable changes in Committee members. Dave T, our long standing boats officer stepped down to be replaced by James W. Dave has done a lot with keeping Sea King, our RIB in Newhaven, in good condition and is the font of all knowledge on dive sites and operating the RIB out of Newhaven. No pressure there then James 😉

We also thank Ian A for his again notable time as Bar Manager and appreciate all the work he has put in to making sure the bar is well stocked and supporting Eileen who comes without fail to help run the bar on a Thursday night. Ian’s role will now be held by Jon P. A BIG responsibility to make sure the beer/cider/wine/soft drinks keep flowing Jon 🙂

And finally, but not least is to say thank you and goodbye to Paul F from the role of Diving Officer (but not the club)! Paul has done a wonderful job of keeping track of all the diving we have done over the years, giving the annual Diving Officers’ report at the AGM into the number of hours dived and any incidents or mishaps we can learn from.

Sadly we haven’t logged so many diving hours this year as a club, but on the positive the only incident we had was Mr M forgetting his drysuit on one of the few dive trips that went ahead….for which he ended up with the 2020 Wooden Spoon award (had to get that one in there)!

Paul will be succeeded by Craig D, who had already stepped in temporarily to help fill his rather large rock boots earlier this year, but who is now the club’s official 2020/21 Diving Officer (ed. wolf whistles).